Detective Comics #99

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #99 - The Temporary Murders released by DC Comics on May 1945.

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    The Penguin, operating out of a hideout he considers foolproof, police-proof and Batman-proof, concocts a scheme in which he freezes a person, then sends the box with the body to relatives in exchange for the payment of a certain sum of money to safely have them restored to life.

    -Batman and Robin "The Temporary Murders"

    -The Penguin attempts to extort thousands of dollars from Gotham City's elite by freezing people and the selling the secret of thawing them out. With the help of Alfred, Batman and Robin put an end to the Penguins evil plan.

    Slam Bradley in "Veteran in Villainy"

    Three-Ring Binks in "Swangaelic the Hypnotist"

    Billy Brand

    The Refugees by Stan Carter

    The Boners

    Boy Commandos in "The Locusts of Lohan"

    Air Wave "Caution ... Handle without Care"


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