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Is it possible to love something but still feel "meh" ?


So I love everything about Detective Comics right now. I'm serious. I even love this issue especially Tim's sacrifice. What I'm upset about is that the glory of his sacrifice & the shock of his death literally lasted all of 4 pages since at the end of the book it's revealed that he was just transported somewhere else. Now I understand that most always deaths in comic books are never for good & perhaps they did this to avoid the cliche thing. Idk. I just personally feel like his sacrifice/death would have meant more to the readers if it had seemed real for at least a few more comics. Sure the Bat-family & everyone else thinks he is dead but now we know he isn't so that detaches us from the "dealing with grief" we'll inevitably have to read for an issue or two. Why should I care about Batman & the others being sad about Tim when I know he is alive & it's just a matter of time until he comes back? That's my only complaint. Other then that this issue was absolutely awesome as it could be.

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