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Of course Batman is hiding something

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The second chapter of "Rise of the Batmen" is one of those stories that require a double pass for maximum enjoyment. While the first chapter of this arc was all about introducing the main players and how they come together, "Apocalypse now" is about establishing relationships between the characters, and throwing those early signs of inevitable conflict and inner turmoil.

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    “Rise of the Batmen Chapter 2: Apocalypse Now” – Written by James Tynion IV, Pencils by Eddy Barrows, Inks by Eber Ferreira, Colors by Adriano Lucas, Letters by Marilyn PatrizioThe previous issue of Detective Comics put the team together, now it’s time to see them interact. The platonic ideal of a superheroe team book is likely Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men and look the Belfry has its own Danger Mud Room. Sure it was a capes book but at its heart like most Silver Age M...

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    Where issue #1 introduced us to what the tone of the arc would be issue #2 draws the reader in by adding some depth to the characters by way of giving us deeper insight to their relationships as well as how Batman views some of them & what he thinks of Batwoman. I admittedly read the book 2x to fully grasp everything but for me I love it when I have to do that. It means the book has depth to it and cant just be glossed over like most. ...

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