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Detective Comics #934 Review!

As with the recent Action Comics, it's brother Detective Comics resumes the original numbering and doesn't waste any time getting into the story. With a writer such as James Tynion IV there can be some trepidation of over bloated speech. In the past, whenever I opened up a Tynion book I felt like half the panels were dialogue and half was the art, but to my surprise Detective Comics #934 looks like he's reeled back those habits. The story has a nice pace to it, and there's just enough dialogue that you don't feel like this issue is dragging. When something is written Tynion tries to make sure that it has meaning, even if some of the dialogue choices don't ring well with me.

The story itself opens, surprisingly, with Azrael being attacked. Batman comes to the aftermath of his attack and learns that somebody has been watching all of the heroes in Gotham. Right off the bat (no pun intended) I found one of the unique aspects of this issue is how integrated the bat family is. The characters that are not Batman don't feel like side character, or guest characters, but real characters that can stand on their own that happen to inhabit the same city. In fact, Batman doesn't have much to do in this issue other than introduce each character to Batwoman, and I'm okay with that. From the looks of this Batwoman will be one of the focus points, and if that's true it can lead into a very nice way of saying why Batman isn't always in Detective Comics when he's also doing his thing in his solo title.

Just based off the cover you meet Batman and Batmwomen assembling a team that has Red Robin, Spoiler, Orphan, and Clayface. Definitely an odd match up to me, but like everything else in this issue it was a pleasant surprise. You get nice introductions to each character that has long time readers know exactly where these characters are in their lives, while also doing a nice job of introducing them to new readers. In one issue Tynion and Barrows were able to tell everyone's back story, and give you enough moments for you to be excited where these characters can go.

As I said before, I'm a little more than skeptical when it comes to Tynion and dialogue, but for the most part I thought that everything was chugging along smoothly. Each character had a distinct voice, and personality. The dialogue worked more than one way, so that characters can interact but also reveal more about themselves in a span of a few panels compared to pages. There are a few instances that left me puzzled why Tynion needed to add so many details, my prime example is when Clayface talks to the Bats, but other than that this issue surpassed my expectations.

Detective Comics issue 934 serves as a jumping on point for new readers who want to experience that Batman family, while also providing an interesting mystery and story for long time readers who just want to continue experiencing their favorite characters. It looks like this series will have many characters to play with, and with Tynion's writing doing far better than I would have thought, and Barrows' excellent artwork that captures who these characters are, I'd have to say that this is definitely something people should pick up.

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