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A True Bat-Family Gets Together

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DC's second longest-lasting title returns to its original numbering, this time as an exciting and engaging team book... a family book, it could even be argued. Batman recruits cousin Batwoman to co-lead an eclectic ensemble of crime fighters, and prepare it for a yet unseen -albeit ominous enough to worry Batman- menace hiding in the shadows.

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    “Rise of the Batmen” Chapter One - Written by James Tynion IV Pencils Eddy Barrows Inks Eber Ferreira Colors by Adriano Lucas Letters by Marilyn Patrizio Cover by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, and Adriano LucasWhile technically not a ‘Rebirth’ title, Detective Comics #934 is filled with its branding and with a reversion back to its original numbering and new statement of identity, you could say Detective Comics has been rebirthed. In the New 52, Detective Comics struggled...

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    Detective Comics #934 is a wonderful start to James Tynion's opening team based storyline for the new relaunch of Detective Comics. The comic starts out with Batman discovering a wounded Azrael. Batman concludes that someone has been trying to hunt down vigilantes in Gotham. Specifically, the less experienced vigilantes. This leads Batman to seek out the help of Batwoman in training these heroes to ward off the upcoming threat. This team of vigilantes that Batman requests Batwoman's help in tra...

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