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Somewhere Wylie Coyote's Looking Down and Smiling

Dick faces off with the Roadrunner (yup, that's his name) & has a heart to heart with Sonia Branch 

The Good
JOCK turns in another superb cover. It's simple but effective and very reflective of what's to come in this issue. And very fortunately for us that's not Ryan Reynolds wearing bad CGI effects. 

Snyder has managed the art of writing Dick Grayson, especially his inner voice. Dick's monologue this issue was very interesting and dealt with something I've often thought about over the years. With all the vile, ugliness this job exposes them to how do they keep on fighting? This perfectly sets the stage for his confrontation with the Roadrunner. 

When Dick questions Rhodes about why he's going after Branch he goes into a great monologue about how Gotham made him what he is. One of my favorite things about Snyder is that he's really knows his Batman lore. There's a nice little easter egg in Rhodes' monologue for Year One fans. Theres a moment where he compares Metroplis and Gotham/Batman and Superman which I felt was really sharp writing.

Many people have doubted whether Dick could exude the same intimidating presence as Bruce when interrogating a suspect, well Dick shows that he can play rough when need be. 

There's a great confrontation between Dick and Sonia Branch which both snyder and JOCK nail. Jock's art really shines here, especially his use of color and negative space. 

Snyder really know's how to write Dick and Tim. I love reading them interact under his pen and this issue's no different.  

The Bad
Okay seriously DC chill with the damned Green Lantern logos. You can rest assured we got it when you plastered these eyesores all over Lantern issues earlier this year and last year. Way to ruin a perfect cover there, but hey, now the fans who have been well aware of this movie since it was rumored to star Common as John Stewart will be sure not to forget its release date. 

Once again that Super 8 Add really breaks up the flow of this issue.

The Roadrunner really wasn't a threatening villain, at all. The Loony Tunes inspired banter between he and Batman felt very much out of place in Snyder's gritty Gotham. In fact this guy is like a modern Silver Age villain, just better dressed. I can see some future potential in him though. Snyder definitely gave him some great dialog during his interrogation, but as of now he does not make a good first impression. 

I noticed a minor hiccup in Jock's art this issue. When Roadrunner escapes from Dick there's no damage being shown along the roofs of the cars he hops across. This stopped me from getting a good sense of his motion, impact, and speed.  

The Verdict
This comic has some negatives but Snyder and JOCK do a lot more right than wrong here. This isn't the best of what these two are capable of but it's still a great issue in it's own right. I'm looking forward to seeing how Synder plans to bring this tale to a close. 

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