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More Pieces Are Coming Together 4

We are in the middle of Scott Snyder and Jock's "Hungry City" storyline and it looked like Dick Grayson's career as Batman was about to be cut short.The GoodLast issue my complaint was the villain,Roadrunner, that Batman (Dick) went up against and how easily he was trapped. After reading this issue and thinking about last issue some more, it does make sense. One of the things I always commend Scott Snyder on the way he writes Dick as Batman. Too many times we see a generic Batman in comics and e...

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Guide To Being An Effective Batman 0

Grant Morrison and Pete Tomasi writing Dick as Batman has been wonderful and very true to the character.  However, Scott Snyder has the luxury of writing Dick without Damien and silver age craziness, so we have more introspective and personal moments.   Snyder successfully weaves Batman's great history and utilizes them successfully into his thrilling narrative.Dick continues the mystery of Sonia Branch's assistant's death.  There's less detective work on this issue but it certainly has i...

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Detective Comics #877 0


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Detective Com-GREEN LANTERN MOVIE!-ics 0

The Good: Jock's art is still as dark and amazing, and mood setting as ever. The cover is so extremely subtle but gorgeous. (Except for, you know, that damn Green Lantern Movie banner.)I really like the way Dick narrates his feelings about his failure. It's pretty wordy, but very effective.Roadrunner's not as lame as he could be.Some of the jokes are REALLY good. Especially the one with Red Robin.Wasn't Tiger Shark hinted at about 3 issues ago? Whatever Snyder's done, he's got me REALLY pumped t...

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Somewhere Wylie Coyote's Looking Down and Smiling 4

Dick faces off with the Roadrunner (yup, that's his name) & has a heart to heart with Sonia Branch The GoodJOCK turns in another superb cover. It's simple but effective and very reflective of what's to come in this issue. And very fortunately for us that's not Ryan Reynolds wearing bad CGI effects. Snyder has managed the art of writing Dick Grayson, especially his inner voice. Dick's monologue this issue was very interesting and dealt with something I've often thought about over the years. W...

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Dynamic and Thrilling 1

You know, it's not too often that I read a comic twice.  Sure, I may go back and re-read issues a year or so later, but when I get a comic I usually read it once, put it in a pile, eventually bag & board it, and set it away in a box.  The only comic I consistently read twice is The Walking Dead.  Well, Scott Snyder and Jock are knocking it out with Detective Comics and caused me to read it twice.Snyder's first stint on Detective with Jock was pretty cool, but by now you can tell he's...

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The Bat and The Roadrunner 2

Issue #877 finds Dick Grayson as Batman tangling with the new crime lords of Gotham City! Find the rest of the review at!   Batman (Dick Grayson) continues his investigation of the killer whale that was left as a calling card in a Gotham City bank's lobby. Inside the whale was the body of the bank owner's friend. The bank owner - Sonia Zucco, who is Tony Zucco's daughter! The same man who killed Dick Grayson's parents years ago. Now as Batman faces off against a new gun smu...

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Another Solid Issue 0

Snyder is getting me so spoiled!  I'm definitely going to have to follow his creative team to whatever book(s) he's doing after the DC revamp.  So Dick/Batman has to find a way out of the predicament from the previous book.  After that it's mostly exposition as it's pretty clear the true climax is going to be in the next book.  I absolutely loved his confrontation with Roadrunner.  The quips were great.  His style was classic Batman without being too imitative of Bruce.  I also love the part whe...

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Shallow End Of The Pool 1

* SPOILERS WITHIN *  In spite of having a very strong opening and ending, perfectly tying up the cliff-hanger left from the previous issue and leaving you desperate to pick up the next issue, this is definitely the weak-link in this story-arc. We are given some new plot developments, but are mostly kept in the dark save for a few names dropped, speedily, via exposition. The confrontation between Road Runner was very anti-climatic and left me feeling somewhat cheated. Roadrunner even said "Meep M...

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