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A Solid Issue

Finally the Skeleton Cases arc is picking up the pace. The previous issues featured small parts of this story, but even if you did dot read them, you are good to go with this one. 
Well, it starts (or continues) with James Gordon Junior explaining his homecoming to his obvious irritated father while sitting at the diner. And this talk just feels awesome with James Junior joking about killing the waitress back in the men's room. Feels just like American Psycho since you are wondering about this being only a joke.  
So that's a quite cool start. Soon the story switches to Dick and Tim tracking a stolen eagle to the Gotham Shipyard. Tim worries about Dick  still being affected by a toxin and not being in the right shape for the watch again. But as usual, this shouldn't be an obstacle for a Batman, or does it? Pretty soon there's jokes, action and hallucinations going on here, but I won't spoil anything.  
The art is great, somehow playful, but sometimes a bit chunky.
This is an overall solid issue, and though there are some pages with very little dialog and giant action panels, there is still pretty much going on in this issue. I am looking forward to #875.

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