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Disappointed and confused to say the least. I loved the artwork. The only good thing about this story. I just didn't like it. I didn't like the redundant use of evil iconory. It felt overplayed. Too much of a good thing (or bad in this case) isn't always a good thing. It did not fit well with the other two parts in my honest opinion. The conclusion felt rushed and abrupt. 3 stars out of 5. The art definitely being the strong point in this story. The man-bat reveal at the end made me cringe it was so poorly introduced that it felt like a joke. It was a joke. And a poorly played one for $2.99. Don't get me wrong. I like Dick as Batman, but this villain seemed sub par for a 'true' Batman opponent. Part 3 of 'Skeleton Cases' is not included in this issue so be advised. I was disappointed to say the least because this story is definitely the stronger of the two by Scott. Too much grit just leaves a bad texture in my mouth for my liking. And 'The Black Mirror' just plain didn't deliver a memorable enough climax to be considered a great 3 part story.

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