duo_forbidden's Detective Comics #873 - The Black Mirror, Part Three of Three review

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"You and I, we are Gotham."

Synopsis: The Black Mirror comes to a close.

What's good?

It may sound like I'm exaggerating, but this issue did scare me a little. It was amazing that Dick got out of the auction in the condition he was in, but it was AFTER those pages that really creep me out. Scott Synder has this incredible storytelling to grip readers to truly feel what's going on in the story. If Synder can create a unique villain who sells/uses unique traits from villains (like Man-bat's serum and venom), it makes me wonder what he can do if he got a hold of the regular villains like Scarecrow or Two Face.

Jock's artwork is another reason why this story was so great. It might not look like it compared to the last issues, but it's rough and gritty and it works. And out of the white covers DC have been printing out, this one I really enjoyed the most.

What's bad?

Unfortunately, Skeleton cases with Commissioner Gordon doesn't make an appearance in this issue, but I can overlook that considering that it will come back in the next issue. Minor complaint.

Overall: Detective comics has fallen into a dark direction...and I love it! This is the kind of Batman story we need to see more often especially with Dick. While Dick is usually the carefree member of the family, there are times when he needs to take some things seriously. This might be the wakeup call for him.


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