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Scott Snyder gets it!

The Black Mirror part three. The conclusion to Snyder and Jock's debuting story arc. 
The Good: Scott Snyder and Jock really do get it. Dick Grayson has never been better in his time as Batman. This really is my favorite Bat- title out right now. It's not the happy, smiling, wise cracking Dick Grayson that we have been seeing. Snyder really took it to a very dark place, and it feels just right.Also, the beginning of the book holds a huge, shocking event that just might blow you away. I haven't seen much of Jock's work, but I can say that I really enjoy it and it fits like a glove with Snyder's writing. Also, the cover is my favorite of the new "logo on white" covers DC has been doing all month.
The Bad: This book was perfect. The only real complain is that I want the back up feature back. That is really weird since I don't necessarily enjoy them for the most part, and skip a lot of them altogether. However, I miss this titles feature.
Batman fans, rejoice. Snyder does a terrific job developing Dick Grayson's character, adding to Batman's rouges gallery, and making things just plain interesting.This is unpredictable and just plain good. Trust me, you'll want to see where Detective Comics will be headed.

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