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This Is The Real Batman Title Right Here

Scott Snyder's Detective Comics is the best Batman comic out there right now. That is all there is to it. All of those high profile names working on other Batman books have nothing on what Snyder is doing here. This is Batman. This is how you do it. 
In this issue, Dick Grayson recovers from his botched infiltration of the Mirror House and rushes to bring the Dealer down before the twisted auctioneer can leave Gotham City. The Dealer is a fantastic new villain. He may never work as one of Batman's major foes, but that doesn't preclude him from being one interesting psycho. The concept of an auctioneer who trades in dark artifacts from Batman's history is great as is the way he uses some of the second hand items in his collections such as fear toxins and the like. How he comes off as this perverse fan of Batman makes him all the more compelling as well. 
As a reader of Dick Grayson for awhile, I am already willing to say Snyder is a writer with one of the firmest grasps on the character. There is an honesty about it that I love. How screwed up, but how also how true, is it to show that ending up similar to Barbara Gordon is one of his worst fears? The character work here is really just fantastic and something that Dick has been needing ever since he became Batman. 
My own personal favorite part of this arc is the appearance as an auction item of the crowbar that the Joker beat Jason Todd with. I love the idea of one of the most infamous items in Batman's history still being out there. It is surreal to see Dick actually have it in his hands and use it to help him escape. I really hope Alfred does not end up throwing it in the river, because it would be an amazing story to see it find its way back to Jason someday. 
Jock's art is a great complement to Snyder's writing. It matches the sinister tones of the story beautifully. Though, I think the scene where Dick dons an armored flightsuit goes a little outside of Jock's strengths as an artist, because honestly, the design of the armor isn't great. Besides that, the art is fantastic throughout the issue. 
If you can only read one title featuring Dick Grayson as Batman, it should be this one. If there's only one Batman title you can read, it should be this one. DC has struck gold bringing Scott Snyder into the Bat-franchise and would be smart to keep him there for a long time.

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