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Can Dick Grayson Survive the Black Mirror?

The conclusion to Scott Snyder and Jock's creepy Batman story is here. Dick might never be the same after this. 

The Good 

This is currently my favorite Batman series. Snyder has managed to evolve Dick Grayson as Batman. An early complaint about Dick as Batman was he was always too happy. Writers wanted to distinguish Dick's Batman from Bruce's. Making him smile and crack jokes doesn't have to be the way to do it. You can almost feel the burden of being Batman weighing down on him now.  
The villain of this arc, the Dealer, is doesn't appear to be much in terms of being a dangerous foe. His actions and dialogue elevates him to being worthy of Batman's rogues gallery. He may just be an old guy selling old villain paraphernalia but what he does, he does with style. Style and pure creepiness. The appearance of the crowbar Joker used on Jason Todd adds to that creepiness even it doesn't have the same impact with Jason being alive again.  
Jock's art also is a huge contributor to the story. As much as I enjoyed this arc, I'd hate to try to think what it would've been like if someone else handled the art duties.  
There was one page that pretty much blew my mind when I first saw it. After taking a moment, I realized what it really meant. Something the Dealer does later also threw me off for a moment. Pretty sneaky, Scott. 

The Bad 

Is it really a bad thing when the back up story is missing? Normally I'm not too crazy about them but ones here with James Gordon and his son have had me hooked from the beginning. Last issue installment was listed as Part 2 of 3 but we will see the conclusion in Detective #874. Getting more Dick Grayson action isn't something to complain about. 

The Verdict 

This is what I want from my Batman comics. I am intrigued by Batman, Inc but seeing what Scott Snyder can do with the character has me craving this book month after month. He and Jock deliver a Batman book that stands out from all the other Bat-titles. I love Batman and I love the other titles. Detective Comics is by far my current favorite Bat-book. It's not often that I get a shock while reading a Batman comic. We've seen some crazy things recently but this issue delivers all the Bat-action and suspense you could ask for without feeling forced or gimmicky. 

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