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Can Dick Grayson Survive the Black Mirror? 4

The conclusion to Scott Snyder and Jock's creepy Batman story is here. Dick might never be the same after this.  The Good This is currently my favorite Batman series. Snyder has managed to evolve Dick Grayson as Batman. An early complaint about Dick as Batman was he was always too happy. Writers wanted to distinguish Dick's Batman from Bruce's. Making him smile and crack jokes doesn't have to be the way to do it. You can almost feel the burden of being Batman weighing down on him now.   The vill...

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This Is The Real Batman Title Right Here 0

Scott Snyder's Detective Comics is the best Batman comic out there right now. That is all there is to it. All of those high profile names working on other Batman books have nothing on what Snyder is doing here. This is Batman. This is how you do it.  In this issue, Dick Grayson recovers from his botched infiltration of the Mirror House and rushes to bring the Dealer down before the twisted auctioneer can leave Gotham City. The Dealer is a fantastic new villain. He may never work as one of Batman...

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Making a Classic Great 0

 Scott Snyder and Jock have made Detective Comics a must-read series.  What's even more impressive?  He did it in three issues.  Hell, I was hooked even after the first issue (#871).Sure, my one criticism from the first issue was that the story was moving too fast, and it does.  But, somehow, there is so much frenetic energy crammed into the first part and the third part of the arc that it makes up for being a little jumpy.  Some other commentator's criticism of the second part of the arc...

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Magnificent 0

Have you ever read or watched something, and after all was said and done you had to immediately review it again just because you were taken aback  (in a positive way) by what just occurred ? Scott Snyder's work with American Vampire had that affect upon me and likewise Snyder's work on Detective comics is no different. What makes this title so great for me is that the team of Snyder and Jock are establishing the mythos and Legend of Dick Grayson as Batman, and quite honestly this title for me ha...

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Basic Batman At It's Best 3

The Good: I'm late with my review this week, so what can I say that everyone else hasn't already said? Not much, so I'll mostly be reinforcing it. Scott Snyder's story is just superb. The Dealer is an amazing villain without being over-the-top or gimmicky or anything it doesn't need to be. He comes off as almost a one time character without losing any of his epic impact. He's the perfect kind of villain for a 3-issue arc. The story is done in a nice pace that makes this feel like an episode of B...

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Wicked City 0

Scott Snyder concludes his Black Mirror arc while pulling off the ever elusive 3-Peat, Phil Jackson and Pat Riley would be ever so proud.  The Good While not as strong as last issue's cover, I still very much am impressed with Jock's offering. The style is much more traditional than his usual work within the pages of the comic, and it's a nice change of pace and shows his range as an artists. I especially love the blue Batman Emblem, it's very Dick Grayson, but in an understated innocuous manner...

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Scott Snyder gets it! 0

The Black Mirror part three. The conclusion to Snyder and Jock's debuting story arc.    The Good: Scott Snyder and Jock really do get it. Dick Grayson has never been better in his time as Batman. This really is my favorite Bat- title out right now. It's not the happy, smiling, wise cracking Dick Grayson that we have been seeing. Snyder really took it to a very dark place, and it feels just right.Also, the beginning of the book holds a huge, shocking event that just might blow you away. I haven't...

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"You and I, we are Gotham." 0

Synopsis: The Black Mirror comes to a close. What's good? It may sound like I'm exaggerating, but this issue did scare me a little. It was amazing that Dick got out of the auction in the condition he was in, but it was AFTER those pages that really creep me out. Scott Synder has this incredible storytelling to grip readers to truly feel what's going on in the story. If Synder can create a unique villain who sells/uses unique traits from villains (like Man-bat's serum and venom), it makes me won...

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Disappointed 3

Disappointed and confused to say the least. I loved the artwork. The only good thing about this story. I just didn't like it. I didn't like the redundant use of evil iconory. It felt overplayed. Too much of a good thing (or bad in this case) isn't always a good thing. It did not fit well with the other two parts in my honest opinion. The conclusion felt rushed and abrupt. 3 stars out of 5. The art definitely being the strong point in this story. The man-bat reveal at the end made me cringe it wa...

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*Sigh* It's just so good. 0

Ilovethisbooksomuch. God. It's so good. Rather than explain why this issue is so awesome (I DO like keeping my reviews under 10 000 words) let's just do a little exercise. Imagine ALL the things you could possibly want in a Batman comic. Now close your eyes. Count to 3 and say shalakka boom bam. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... it's magic it's all in this comic or the rest of the arc. Unless you wanted batman fighting a horde of purple unicorn monkeys cause thats uhh not in here. And will probably never ...

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