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    Continuing the new series direction from the writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE) and artist Jock (THE LOSERS)! A series of disturbing clues brings Batman face-to-face with Gotham City's dark past and deadly present. Plus, Jim Gordon continues a harrowing search to uncover the truth about a frightening figure from his own past. . . Be here for part 2 of "The Black Mirror."


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    Detective Comics Is Becoming My Favorite Bat-Comic 0

    The Black Mirror story continues and Scott Snyder & Jock are really establishing Dick Grayson as Batman.  The Good I'm really digging this story arc. Every once in a while after reading a comic, I'll sit back and think it over. Snyder and Jock are the perfect combo on this story and I can't imagine it being told as well if one was replaced. I've sometimes wondered what an issue would've been like with a different artist but these two really compliment each other. The gathering of the social ...

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    The Abyss Gazes Also... 0

    The Good: Whoa. Jock's crazy minimalist artwork is positively AMAZING. This guy was BORN to draw Batman. Everything just looks so great, even though there's so little detail, or something. I don't know what it is, but in some way, his artwork looks thrown together lazily. Yet, this turns out to look epic. It suits Batman to a nail. I don't think he's putting in little effort, it's just his style, and I have nothing bad to say about it whatsoever. And as things spiral downwards, darker and creepi...

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    Detective Comics #872 0

    Dick manages to infiltrate the Mirror House and gets a step closer to apprehending the man behind the movement, but is the Dark Knight pursuing or is he being played by his prey?   The Good Love, love, love this cover!!!! It's mysterious. It's macabre. It's ominous. And it perfectly reflects this issue. Oh, and yes, that is "THAT" crowbar you're seeing.   With every page turned of this comic one can't help but think that this team was meant to be paired together, and even more so, that they were...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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