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Welcome back Denny

This comic is  treat to old Batman fans.  Dennis (Denny) O'Neil is a long time DC linchpin.  Denny was THEE Batman writer when I can remember first reading Batman, to this day Batman: Venom may just be the best Batman story that is out of print.  Denny is not just a gifted writer, he was a major editor who help keep the quality of Batman consistent for so long.
This comics was a great read.  Denny was know for his ability to portray Bruce in Bruce's true voice and now we have the luxury for him to write Dick as Batman.  Writing Dick in Dick's voice.  Denny has had the luxury  of being at every stage of Dick's life and it was nice to see him write Batman Dick.  An Editor from the Azreal age to a lonely place of dying... he was there somewhere in the Batman world, making it run.  He wrote the first Nightwing mini and Dick as Robin, so it only makes sense he gets to write Batman Dick.   The most important lesson in this book for all Batman fans is that to make a good Batman story, it has to be about Batman.  Batman is more then just the man, he is the monster in the Shadows.  I When reading this book I forgot it was Dick in the Cowl for most of the story.  Batman is not Bruce Wayne.  Dick Grayson is as much Batman as Bruce is and this story rings true in that spirit.  The World Needs THE BATMAN!  Right now it just happens to be Dick Grayson in the suit.
Dustin Nguyen may just be one of the best artist in comics today.  Like a true master he could change his style depending on what needed to be told in the comic.  A classic style for the flashback to his signature style for present day, Dustin knocked it out of the park.
What really made this comic shine for me was the way this creative team presented The Joker.  The Joker has seen a lot of attention since the Dark Knight Movie because of the gangster appeal of Ledger's Joker.  I was raised on the whimsical Joker and Denny' wrote him well.  The gun bit was classic.
I have nothing bad to say about this comic.  It came out on a heavy Batman week where Return of Bruce Wayne #3, Streets of Gotham #13, The Killer Croc one-shot, Superman/Batman #73 and a Batman Story in Superman 700.... I looked forward to this most of all of them and I enjoyed it a lot.  It was a nice 40 page read for $3.  Happy anniversary DC, Batman and the rest of the trinity. 
 If you like a good Batman story pick this up!
 - Silkcuts

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