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    When Batman and Batwoman each face off against a knife-wielding killer, they soon find themselves working different sides of the same case. But will they arrive in time to rescue the missing girl and stop the killer from claiming another victim? Things do not end well in "Cutter", Part 3.

    And in The Question, the mastermind behind the human trafficking ring and the gunrunning scheme is finally revealed, and The Question and the Huntress find themselvs in the fight of their lives.


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    Did Detective Comics make the cut?! 0

    In Cutter part 3 of 3 the cutting edge villain is finally captured. During the story it turns out that Batman and Batwoman were solving different parts of the same case. I guess to the cutter's girlfriend beauty hurts, but for the people around her. We finally see the bandages unraveled, and it turns out that she's old and ugly. What a suprise. Both women in both cases love the men that captured them, which I find weird. I think Kate Kane needs a new hair cut or style, because it isn't working f...

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    Two stories one villan 0

      Detective has been one of my favorite Batman books since their re launch.  Rucka has the hot buttons on Batwoman and the Question.   JH Williams' art was top notch and Jock has done a fine job with the first 2 issue of this arc. This issue he is joined by Scott Kollins.  Good stuff to be had every month.  With this issue we have a Batman (Bruce Wayne) story running concurrently with our present day story.  I love the back and forth panels with conversation starting in one and completing in the...

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    Cutter Part 3 0

    I must be pretty slow... I did not see that one coming.  About halfway through I finally figured out that Batman and Batwoman are trailing the same criminal, just a decade apart.  The page(s) where it's the Cutter's face with Batwoman on one half of the page and Batman on the other, that it finally dawned on me.  This is the same guy, just different times. I liked the use of the colors in this Cutter story line.  When it was blue, you knew it was the Batman case and when Red it was the Batwoman ...

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