fedspaz's Detective Comics #862 - Cutter, Part 2 of 3; Pipeline, Chapter Two Part Three review

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Cutter Part 2

There's another missing girl.  Batman is on to one of the security guards that snoozed during his shift the night that Vanessa disappeared.  While Batman appears to be tracking down the missing girl, Batwoman is tracking down the man with knives.  We believe this to be the Cutter.  And they both get their butts kicked in the back of a van.  
My disappointment in this issue is the lack of story and dialogue.  There's a lot happening with the characters, but not a lot of information given out about what they are doing and/or working on.  We are left a little in the dark.
I do like this story line.  I hope it's going to explode in the next issue.  I'm looking forward to how the two stories... or what seem to be two stories... come to a conclusion.  Will they meet up, collide, etc?   I also want to find out how this character "Bette" plays into this story.  How is she going to come into the scene.
The story is moving along a pace.  I'm waiting for more story to happen.

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