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Cutter, Part One

Batman and Batwoman in the same issue.  Good stuff.  The art was a little off from the past issue(s), but still good.  The story of the Cutter unfolds.  He's kidnapped three college girls and is mutilating them. Keeping part of them and leaving them for dead.  Yikes, that's nasty.  Batman is trailing a guy named Garret and catches him on a yacht.  I'm hoping we find out more about this character and what it's all about.  Unless this is leftover from a prior issue I don't have.  I'm guessing he plays into this somehow down the road.  Meanwhile, Batwoman has already located the Cutter and is attempting to free one of the captured young women.  She's a tough cookie, putting  up a great fight.  I found it interesting, that Batwoman was able to find her before Batman.  Got one up on the old guy.  
This villain seems to be a man of few words.  Most of the evil-doers tend to blab, monologue, whatever you want to call it.  This guy doesn't say much, just tries to kill Batwoman.  Maybe that's why he gets some good shots in on her, he's fighting and not blabbing.
My favorite "scene" in this issue is in the exact middle of the issue.  Half the page is  Batman's face and half Batwoman's face.  The contrast is great, the color, facial expression, even the statements they make.  He's looking for the victim, she's looking for the criminal.  It's striking to say the least.
Good start to this story line.

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