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Striking Distance

Ok so Hush is back. I read half of his story arc a while ago and didn't care enough to read the rest. I really didn't give a crap about it. But wait! Why would I want to read this, then? Cause Paul Dini wrote it! And I'm a fan. Most of the best episodes on the 90's Batman cartoon were written by him.

Anyway, Bats and Catwoman are working together to take down some gang boss who's obsessed with fables. So much so, that he when one of his henchman "cries wolf", he sends exactly what you would guess to kill him.

Hush is seen spying on them to plan his next move. With the Black Glove trying to kill off Batman, Hush wants to make sure that HE is the one that does the deed. Thankfully, he goes over anything I missed by putting down the original story arc. So 10 year old Tommy was the one who caused his parents accident. While we see the flashback, Hush is performing surgery on his own face.

Next scene, we see Bats and Cats fight the gang boss again, this time he recites a fable I never heard of. The boss tries to escape, but gets killed by Hush, who threatens Bats and disappears.

This wasn't anything special, just a set up for what's next, like what all first issues do.

I loved the art, however. Nguyen is very versatile. While I didn't care for his covers much, his pages have a semi-Mignola feel to them (when it's in the present). One reason I disliked Hush was for the art. Sure, comic fans love JIm Lee to death, but he's nothing past generic for me.

Anyway, I liked this one, but more for the art.

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