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Nice one! Alot of stuff happened in this issue, and it never felt rushed!

The cover's awesome, but misleading. Catwoman returning to Gotham was a very minor part of this story. The main story of the Batman universe, sure, it's important. But for this, no, it isn't, even though she had a really great scene where she spoke her mind about Zatanna.

Anyway, a serial killer is on the loose, and Bats is competing with his one time enemy, the Riddler, to solve the case. There' even an interesting scene with a detective chat room, with a cameo of the kinda awesome Detective Chimp. (Super intelligent animals are always cool. I might try to read some of his stories one day.)

It may have been a one issue story, but it didn't feel like one. Anyway, this is the last issue before the great arc, Heart of Hush happens! I might actually start buying floppies once the new Dini/Nyugen series starts!

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