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Careful of the Cassowary

This was a good read. We start off with a full page panel with Batman carrying a terrified guard over a lava pit. Ahhh... is that not how all good stories start? No?  Well, then they must start with the sweet-talking of a sexy blond chick, right? Because that happens next.  Batman makes his typical entrance - silent and surprising. He accuses Penguin of sabotaging Johnny Sabatino's club. And we're off to Vegas!  Zatanna is headlining the opening night at Sabatino's club - we quickly discover Bruce Wayne is attendance. He's on stage as the participant in Zatanna's magic trick. 
After the Ra's al Ghul stuff... this story seems more natural. Crimelords and sexy chicks and Vegas clubs are important elements to keep in a title called "Detective Comics."  I also think that the inclusion of Bruce Wayne qua socialite is often seen as not as interesting as the exploits of Batman. Usually, the Bruce Wayne angle seems to be ignored by writers - or treated very secondarily in their stories.  Here in this issue, we get more Bruce than Bats.   We also get creepy, mouthy Scarface as our main villain.  
Readers may disdain the lack of "cape" in this issue, but the scenes of Zatanna hitting on Bruce, the events at the club, and the last page should satisfy most comic readers. This is a solid, entertaining issue well-worth cover price.

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