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Fan favorite artist Dustin Nguyen (SUPERMAN/BATMAN) joins Paul Dini on DETECTIVE COMICS as new regular penciler! Still haunted by the specter of Ra's Al Ghul, Batman returns to Gotham to face a new threat in the form of The Globe, a map-obsessed mastermind who charts his crimes with deadly accuracy.


Batman finds himself facing off another theme-obsessed villain. This time it maps. When a jewel-covered globe was stolen from the British Museum, Batman seeks to retrieve it. He is surprised to find the Globe's place without any security. He is then grabbed from behind by the very large and strong Globe.

The fight is short-lived as Batman easily knocks him out. Batman then finds that he is not alone. Watching is Ra's al Ghul and a handful of his Assassins. Batman is surprised to see him again so soon. He simply thanks Batman for reclaiming his globe. Batman says it belongs to the British Museum but Ra's shows him a receipt for the commission signed by Peter Carl Faberge from 1901. Batman tosses it at him and an assassin quickly catches it.

Ra's is disappointed that Batman tosses it over as if it were meaningless. He then reveals a secret way to open it revealing the locations of all the Lazarus Pits known on Earth. Batman tells him he knew if he treated it so lightly, Ra's would soon gloat about its true value and snaps a picture to study later at his leisure.

Ra's al Ghul now shows his anger with him over everything that has recently happened between them. He blames him for causing Talia and Damian to be estranged and the "death" of the White Ghost. He also tells him that he decided to set up a new base of operations there in Gotham. The Assassins attack. Batman gets away.

When Batman eventually makes his way back to the Batcave, he has a discussion with Alfred. He feels that the way Ra's acted that night might indicate that perhaps there still exists a trace of the White Ghost in the body. All bits of him should have been erased when Ra's took over but it seems that the White Ghost's need to impress his father is subconsciously still a factor.

Batman easily finds out where Ra's al Ghul is staying using a similar method that Ra's used to uncover Batman's identity. He looked at which billionaire purchases resulted in large acquisitions in Gotham. When Batman reveals himself to Ra's, it is seen that he has taken out Abu and all of Ra's al Ghul's guards. Batman says he doesn't want to be interrupted. Batman's not happy that Ra's has the nerve to move into his city and had his agents attack his home. He tells him it's over forever and kicks him out the window.

Later a "guard" arrives at Arkham Asylum delivering a "Terry Gene Kase." He tells Arkham that he has multiple personality disorder. His files say he's claimed to be Superman, Jesus, and even the "billionaire leader of a cabal of international assassins." He is being kept heavily sedated. It is Batman's hopes that he will rot there for decades.

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