Detective Comics #838

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #838 - The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, Part 3 released by DC Comics on January 1, 2008.

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    "The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul," Part 3 of 7! Batman and I-Ching track down Ra's and Talia to their hideout while Nightwing pursues Robin! And why is the Invisible Map so important? All this, plus guest appearances by Talia al Ghul and Damian.

    The unconscious bodies are brought to Ra's al Ghul. Or so it seems. The two of them jump up and fight off the few ninjas that brought them forward. Fighting among themselves also, Damian is able to run off without Robin. Tim is left with Ra's, who calls for a couple of women to tend to Robin's wounds. Tim is surprised at his actions. Ra's al Ghul proceeds to tell him that he is not his enemy. When some refreshments are brought to him, Robin kicks them away saying he won't be bought of with sugar. He tells Ra's that he's trying too hard to win him over. Ra's al Ghul tells him that he has conquered death and is able to reunite him with his parents. Ra's tells him that he needs a strong mentor and is willing to be that person. Tim reminds him that he already has that with Batman. Ra's response is that Batman is already more concerned with Damian than with him. He tells Robin that soon Damian will surpass his own fighting and detective abilities and Batman will not have a need for him. He tells Tim that he has more wealth and power than Bruce Wayne. He tells them that it's all they can do to protect one city. If he stands with him, they can rule the world. Tim asks about Damian and Ra's says his men will find him and he won't be a concern of Tim's anymore. Tim tells Ra's al Ghul that he needs to think about it. Ra's knows this is simply a stall tactic and knocks Tim out with one blow. As his body is dragged away, he says the drugged sweets would have been easier on him.

    In Tibet, Batman and Talia walk away from his crashed bat-plane. He thanks her for the new cloak and armor she gave him. She says they were a family heirloom. Making their way up a cliff, they soon find themselves face-to-face with more of Ra's al Ghul's ninjas. Batman tells Talia to stay back but she refuses. This results in Talia getting slashed in the back. Before Batman can do anything, a ninja is taken out with a stick. It is an old acquaintance of his, I-Ching. After Batman checks to see if Talia is okay, I-Ching tells them they have to hurry. There are other forces besides Ra's al Ghul on the horizon.

    In Arkham Asylum, the three female killers, Dragon Fly, Silken Spider, and Tiger Moth have been dropped off by Nightwing. The doctor tells an orderly that they were poisoned and given an antidote but it seems the poison has damaged their brains. It's not clear if they will ever be able to recover.

    Meanwhile, Nightwing and Alfred land in Tibet and are immediately met by Ubu and Ra's ah Ghul's ninjas. Nightwing insults Ubu who quickly grabs him by the throat. Nightwing says he shouldn't have done that and breaks free. He takes out the surrounding ninjas only to find Ubu holding Alfred by the throat. Ubu tells him that his skills rivals those of "the bat" but there's no way he can win here. He tells Nightwing to leave or he will snap Alfred's neck. Alfred frees himself with a swift blow to Ubu's groinal area.

    Batman, Talia, and I-Ching search for the secret entrance to Ra's ah Ghul's place. Of course Batman is able to find the hidden entrance in the side of the cliff. They are suspicious that there aren't more ninjas waiting for them. They soon find a big room filled with them. The army of ninjas simply stand there, not having been given an order to attack. Ra's al Ghul walks forward to them.

    They are given swords and Batman must now face off against Ra's. Ra's mentions that Batman seems to have gotten quicker since they last fought. He tells him that he will need his help to take on the Sensei. Batman says he will take care of the Sensei but first he will deal with Ra's. Cornered, Ra's al Ghul tells him that an advantage of his new body is pain is no longer an issue for him. He plunges forward onto Batman's blade.

    Taken aback by this, Ra's explains that his new body is quickly deteriorating. He needs a new body to take down the Sensei. Robin's unconscious body is dragged forward. Batman immediately steps forward. Ra's al Ghul tells him not to worry. He does have another option. Damian's body is now brought forward. Ra's al Ghul tells Batman and Talia they should be proud of him since it took a squad of his best men to find him. Batman tells Ra's to use his body for his new host rather than either of them. Ra's laughs at this and says he is more interested in a younger body. I-Ching tries to do something but is quickly subdued.

    Ra's al Ghul tells Batman that both boys are suitable hosts for him. When he takes over, everything that they were before will be erased. He tells Batman that it is too hard of a decision to make so he is going to force him to decide. One will live and the other will die.

    to be continued in Batman #671



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