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I'll be adding this to my list

Once JMS is finished with Spider-Man - or the subscription becomes too overbearing with 3 per month - I think this Batman Detective series will be an A+ replacement. I just picked up this issue and remembered why I love Batman so much.

First of all there's the amazing art! The covers have been enough to really get my attention as they sit on the shelves. Last month I even thought of buying an issue but I put it back figuring - Jeez, I still have to finish 52! But ok, this month I saw the Scarecrow on the cover and took more a peak inside. I'm so glad I did.

In this noir setting, Robin naturally gets caught unawares by Scarecrow. Before there's any real danger the real fear of Gotham shows up to save the day. That doesn't by any means discount Robin's hard work and contributions to the mission. He went and found out where Scarecrow had set up shop. He even took out all the fake scarecrow booby traps but he was silly to think that he could fight the Scarecrow once he got pricked with a new drug replacement for the fear gas.

And the ending of the Scarecrow undergoing treatment, well, let's just say, that some creepy imagery right there.

Man, I wish they'd make more seasons of TAS in the style of Seasons 1-3 (I wasn't fond of the look of 4).

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