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"War Games," Act 3, Part 1! Batman engineers a mass meeting of criminals. But will it render the game unwinnable? And in the backup story, the conclusion of "Low," the Riddler takes on Poison Ivy!    
First story:

War Games: Act 3 Part 1. Good Intentions

Second story:

Low Part Three

Riddler fights with Posion Ivy and she wins. She says that he is nothing as against other supervillians. Also she tells him to leave her garden. Riddler loses all of his self-respect and he never wants to be Riddler. Riddler is 'dead'

Batman and his costumed allies, along with the Gotham City Police Department, have herded the criminal element of Gotham City into a stadium in Robinson Park. Here, Batman plans to use Orpheus to unite them all under a benevolent head. However, as Onyx discovers, Orpheus is dead, slain by the Black Mask, who has taken his place in order to take control of the Gotham underworld. Predictably, all hell breaks loose, with a host of gangsters, thugs and super-villains all in one place, with many of them intent on seeing Batman dead. Following an explosion, many of them stream from the stadium, causing numerous police casualties as they go. This is the final straw for Commissioner Akins. No more rubber bullets, no more turning a blind eye. From now on, the Gotham City Police Department's orders are the same when faced by anyone in a mask - shoot to kill.


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