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A special issue featuring the debut of a new backup feature! The Gotham crime war comes to a conclusion as Whisper cuts off all loose ends, leaving the city's crime families scattered in a last-ditch attempt to undermine Batman's crusade in service of Ra's Al Ghul.

Plus, the debut of the present-day science-fiction series "The Jacobian" (written by Jordan B. Gorfinkel with art by Jeff Johnson and Aaron Sowd), Jacob, a private investigator with a special gift and no knowledge of his past, races against time to save a billionaire's son from the clutches of a kidnapper. But that kidnapper is the last person Jacob expects. Is returning the child to its father the worst thing Jacob could do?


Batman has captured Mr. Abbot, Whisper A'Daire's monstrous henchman. But upon learning that the Detective is gaining ground, Whisper accelerates her plan. Using a refined version of her life-prolonging serum and the Galante mob's drug distribution, she plans to flood Gotham with this strange potion. But the side-affects could reduce Batman's city to a den of beasts.


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