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A New Day for Gotham

The art really improved in this issue, it was awesome seeing Bane by Cariello delivering Luthor´s message to the Joker and though some of the dialogues between Bane and Batman were in code or depended on reading previous issues, definitely was amazing seeing Cariello back in his game, top notch art and colors, showing Luthor´s machines and employees at the process of rebuilding Gotham, but there´s a surprise reserved in the end - unfortunately there´re some unproductive and boring dialogues, like the ones showing an interview of some people that left Gotham, sharing their experience and views on NML and though it was interesting at the beginning, now I´m really not interested in the whole predicatment of Huntress and Pettit - overall this was an amazing issue because of the art and the action involving Bane and Mercy (Luthor´s private security).
4 out 5

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