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I Am King!

The good thing about this issue is that it´s pretty self contained, focusing in showing Bane returning to Gotham, where he believes he will be king, ´cause this is his destiny, so it´s just a great way to relax, read the issue and don´t have to worry about continuity, etc., also apreciate the good art of Mike Deodato (he´s known for penciling muscles and in a character like Bane, the artist choice fit like a glove) - despinte this was an interesting issue, especially because how Bane planned to enter Gotham and his battle with Batman, including playing dirty, I believe Larry Hama failed in delivering a must read material, because he insisted on a commom mistake of writers that is to state the obvious and I really can´t stand this flaw: instead of maximizing all the potential he had in his hands, he chose to write some boring dialogues, though Bane´s characterization was decent. Overall, this being a self contained issue, I recommend it for Bane´s fans and Deodato´s fans, since the writing isn´t top notch.
3.5 out 5

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