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(Continued from Detective Comics #66) With the silver dollar standing on edge between the floorboards Two-Face cannot decide between turning himself in or shooting the Batman. So he scoops up the coin, knowing that fate would provide him an answer, and still refusing to take action.. Suddenly a police officer comes through the door and shoots Two Face. He springs back to life and knocks the Batman and the police officer for a loop and escapes. Two-Face's silver dollar coin that was placed in his breast pocket blocked the bullet, saving his life.

Soon Two-Face kidnaps millionaire Henry Logan demanding 200,000 dollars. The Batman and Robin along with the Commissioner Gordon find out that Two Face really kidnapped his 's double. Harvey Kent was entrusted with the knowledge of the double. So everyone realizes Two-Face has the double. Batman and Robin disguise themselves as and his wife to deliver the money. When they arrive at an old ram-shackled barn, Two-Face realizes right away that doesn't have a wife as the Batman and Robin explode onto the scene. A fight ensues. Soon Robin is covered in an "avalanche of hay". Two-Face tries to escape by motorcycle only to have the Batman stop him. Two-Face strikes the Batman rendering him unconscious.

But amid all the criminal endeavors, Two-Face longs to reunite with his fiancee, Gilda, and have a normal life. Days later, a seemingly-healed, seemingly-sane Harvey Kent shows up at her doorstep, and the two share candlelight dinner where she pleads for him to turn himself in, and he asks if she'd be willing to wait for him. Before she can answer, the candle heat melts the wax makeup Kent used, revealing his true scars and true self. Disappointed at his deceit, Gilda fears that Kent actually enjoys being wicked, and before he can explain, Batman breaks in and struggles with Two-Face. Feeling betrayed by Gilda, Kent escapes once again and burns down the Masks and Makeup storefront where he bought the wax mask. With his father now penniless, the shopkeeper's son uses makeup to help Batman and Robin bring Two-Face to justice.

The Batman and Robin soon put on a baseball benefit and raise over 50,000 dollars. Two-Face and his boys come to the stadium to steal the fund raisers money only to be defeated by the Batman and Robin.

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