Detective Comics #66

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #66 - The Crimes of Two-Face released by DC Comics on August 1942.

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    “THE CRIMES OF TWO-FACE.” Featuring the first appearance of Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face!

    At a criminal trial, D.A. Harvey Dent is disfigured by acid thrown into his face, and the shock drives him to become a master criminal who bases all of his crimes on the number two!

    • "The Adventure of the Shooting Spooks!" written by Murray Boltinoff, penciled and inked by Lee Harris. Reprinted in Superman #245.
    • D.A. Harvey Kent (later to be changed to Harvey Dent) starts his case The State vs. "Boss" . The Batman taking the stand stating that shot Bookie Benton and got away. begins shouting that the Batman's lying . The D.A. then shows his proof' a 2 headed silver dollar with 's finger prints found at the crime scene. angered throws acid at the D.A. Despite the Batman's effort to deflect it, the acid disfigures half of the D.A.'s face.
    • Dealing with rejection from people including his fiance, Harvey quickly loses patience waiting for his plastic surgeon. He takes the double headed silver dollar scars one side . He decides to flip the coin to decide his fate.If it lands on the clean side he will wait for the plastic surgeon if the scarred side comes up he will turn to a life of crime. The scarred side lands up.
    • After committing a couple crimes, the coin then decides that they should rob twenty grand from the bond messenger from the Acme Bus Co. The Batman and Robin stop the crime and battle Two-face on a double-decker bus . A bullet meant for Robin ricochets and hits the bus driver. The bus out of control throws the Batman from it.The Robin manages to remove the driver from his seat and stop the bus .
    • Batman and Robin soon discover Two-face's next plan to rob the Bijou Theater from a clue found on one of Two-faces thugs and confront him there.The Batman then chases him from the theater to his hideout. The Two-face gets the drop on the Batman holding him at gunpoint. He flips the coin to decide whether to kill the Batman but it lands on its edge on a crack between the floorboards. Two-face remains unable to kill the Batman staring at the coin in the floorboard at issues end. Continued in Detective Comics #68.
    • Air wave witnesses the murder of his boss, it is committed by men disguised as spooks, they escape, and Air wave end up being the prime suspect of the murder.


    1. Good Books Worth Reading
    2. Batman with Robin - The Boy Wonder - : The Crimes of Two-Face!
    3. Don & Nancy Magicians Entertaining Their Friends!
    4. The Boy Commandos: The Sphinx Speaks
    5. Jerry The Jitterbug
    6. Laffs
    7. The Crimson Avenger: Murder Will Out
    8. Spy: Little Discs of Death
    9. Flaming Bullets by Eric Carter (text)
    10. Air Wave: The Adventure of The Shooting Spooks!
    11. Sport with the Sports
    12. Slam Bradley: Case of The Dripping Drum

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    Classic Crimes of Two Face 0

     This is the first appearance of Two face. It delivers his classic origin story starting off with him in court being scarred by Boss Maroni. His losing his fiance and waiting on the best plastic surgeon who happens to be in a German concentration camp.  Believing that all hope is lost,he turns to crime  using Boss Maroni's double sided coin to make his decisions for him. He believes himself to be a modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde .We find him being a torturied soul and can't get past his traj...

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