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“LAUGH, TOWN, LAUGH.” Comedian Happy Hanson passes away, but leaves behind a strange will. A clause states that five top-notch comedians have the chance to tell the funniest joke in a contest, thereby winning clues Hanson has left leading to a fabulous fortune. Then...The Joker enters the contest.


  • Batman with Robin - The Boy Wonder - :Laugh, Town, Laugh
  • Shorty: n/a
  • Spy: n/a
  • "Super" Duper...The One-Man Team: n/a
  • Cliff Crosby: The Adventure of The Champagne Corks
  • Grandpa Peters: n/a
  • The Crimson Avenger: The Case of The Crazy Crimes
  • Silly Willy: n/a
  • Air Wave: Mr. Mystery
  • Larry Steele: The Case of The Murdered Commander
  • Rollin Stone: n/a
  • Slam Bradley: n/a

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