Detective Comics #60

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #60 - The Case of the Costume-Clad Killers released by DC Comics on February 1942.

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    “CASE OF THE COSTUME-CLAD KILLERS.” Batman and Robin set out to clash with a clever gang that steals the uniforms and equipment of police and firemen to commit crimes. But Batman has already identified the person behind this as someone who would relish the “humor” of the situation: The Joker!


    1. Batman - Case Of The Costume-Clad Killers
    2. Laffs
    3. Spy
    4. Cliff Crosby
    5. Chief Hot Foot
    6. The Crimson Avenger - Murder on the Airwaves
    7. Silly Willy
    8. Good Books Worth Reading
    9. Larry Steele - The Case of the Tell Tale Candle
    10. Gags
    11. Air Wave - The Case of the Missing Evidence
    12. The Trick by Norman Goss (text)
    13. Slam Bradley

    First Appearance of Air Wave!


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