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Bit of a mess really.

Art: Tony Daniels is an impressive artist. Detective Comics has been sharp and clean but has never really blown me away. The art doesn't really say anything about this series, doesn't really give it it's own identity and personal touch. Some of the panels look fantastic and detailed but if you look at all the well received and successful comics at the moment (e.g. Batwoman, Swamp Thing, Batman, Animal Man etc.), they all have their own distinct art style that really tells their story and defines them. I feel this is missing with Detective Comics.

Plot: Penguin is throwing a grand opening of his new casino but there is a lot more brewing behind the scenes. A pair of thieves plan to sabotage the celebrations. Batman finds a string of murder victims and is hot on the trail of the robbers. We are given a look at one of Penguins new business ventures which as always, sees him with his pockets in Gotham's criminal underworld.

What can we say about Detective Comics 6 issues in? Well there hasn't been a shortage of characters that's for sure. I've lost track of all the criminals that have been introduced and even more confused as to why so much has been unresolved. I'm still pretty certain that all these questions will be revealed but the longer this series goes on, the less I begin to care. Penguin has not sparked any of my interest, Bruce's new flame is just a pain and this new pair of psychopathic thiefs are just getting in the way! This issue just added more mess to the already tangled and chaotic storyline. Give us what we want Tony Daniels............

...........what happened to the Jokers face!!!

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    This issue continues the ongoing tale of both Batman and Charlotte coming together to investigate the criminal activity of the Penguin.  It is still hard to get behind this series as much as one should as this is absolutely one series will not let fail, and while there are signs of improvement here, the track record of the series thus far does not exactly bode well for the progress of this story arc.  Nonetheless what we get to see here is the series actually somewhat living up to its name as in...

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    I kinda like this cover. The energy is really nice despite the lackluster design sense. The slightly off perspective adds a nice little touch to it as well. But it's far too inaccurate. The Penguin isn't at all the villain for this arc thus far, he simply facilitates gang money that the villain is trying to steal. If anything, Batman and Penguin should be allies in this story, but we don't even get THAT far yet.Most of this issue is a ton of detective work, and while that works for the title of ...

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