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      At Gotham Medical Supply House, the Batman and Robin foil a burglary by Catman and his cat burglars. Catwoman helps the caped crusaders by apprehending Catman herself.  At Jester Novelties Factory ,The Joker is depressed claiming his genius has flown until he sees the headlines of the days paper "Tthe Dynamic Duo and Catwoman join Forces."and laughing hysterically plans a  new scheme.
     Commisioner Gordon uses the Bat-signal to summon The Batman. They along with Catwoman respond to the call. Gordon tells them the Joker is back and has left a clue which the Batman deduces is that a rare edition of Joe Millers Joke Book is on exhibit at Gotham's Public Library and the Joker might attempt to steal it. The new  crime fighting team proceed to the library where they find the Joker and his gang. Falling into the Jokers set-up the Catwoman is captured and taken away captive. Meanwhile the Batman and Robin are enveloped by the equivalent of a chinese finger puzzle that squeezes the air from their lungs. The more they struggle  the tighter the deathtrap gets. The Batman focuses his mind and body to relax to escape realizing that any involuntary motion will crush him and Robin to death .  He escapes and releases Robin from the deathtrap. Now with the Catwoman captive the Joker  along with Dr. Moon and his catscan machine . Together they plan to test it recalibrating Catwoman's mind.







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