Detective Comics #495

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #495 - Murder in Quicksilver released by DC Comics on October 1980.

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    “MURDER IN QUICKSILVER!” The manhunt for the Crime Doctor begins, as word is out that he knows Batman’s secret identity!

    Whilst investigating a drugs syndicate, Batman finds himself the target of the drug baron known only as the Crime Doctor. However, Batman is not the only one interested in the Crime Doctor - enter Sterling Silversmith, the white - haired, debonair yet ruthless villain Batman has encountered in previous issues of the magazine. Discovering that crime boss Bradford Thorne has learned the secret identity of the Caped Crusader, Silversmith drugs him in order to learn the secret himself. However, Batman captures Silversmith and the drugs he uses on Thorne leave the drug baron in a pemanently vegetative state.

    A short 4 - page story follows about a guy named runner Perkins, who runs into a burning building in order to redeem some stolen money from a mattress. However, he relies on the mattress to save him when he becomes trapped in the building - and the story ends with his erstwhile partner in crime counting the cash.

    Next up is Batgirl in "Bossman's Bane" Interrupting a liqour store heist is teh latest of Batgirl's one woman attack on the crimelords of Gotham City. Even her father - Commissioner Gordon - is concerned about her well being and advises her to slow down a little. Meanwhile, the criminal fraternity are trying to frame Barbara for a murder she obviously didn't commit. Needless to say Batgirl turns the tables on her would be framers and the real villain ends up in police hands.

    Black Lightning stars in "Animals." This is a tale of knife crime among black youths - while white police and press dub these youths "animals" Black Lightning sets out to prove otherwise. Yes, there is black on black knife crime going on, but Lightning captures the perpetrators, hands them over to the authorities and tells them they are worth more than being target practice for trigger happy policemen. A sobering tale.

    The issue is rounded off with Robin starring in "The Gotham Connection." Robin's pursuit of a drug ring is complicated by his college girlfriend Jennifer, with whom he should be studying - and who is developing into a detective herself. Curious as to why Dick is neer on time, Jennifer decides to trail him as he discovers the gang at work in New Carthage actually have connections back in Gotham. Continued next issue.


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