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“REQUIEM FOR A MARTYR!” Batman faces the League of Assassins as they attempt to create a giant earthquake at an international dinner party!

Continuing Detective Comics #489, Batman finds a truckload of explosives being shipped off by the League of Assassins and is forced into a confrontation with Lurk, who was originally sent to stop the truck and stop the Sensei's plans. With the help of the recovering geologist, Batman learns that the Sensei planned an assassination by earthquake on the religious leaders of the world, who happened to be having a meeting in Gotham City. Batman is able to evacuate the religious leaders in time, along with the help of Commissioner Gordon. Unfortunately, the Sensei had escaped into the mansion where the earthquake would strike. Ra's al Ghul appears on the scene, determined to stop the Sensei and Talia runs off with a drugged Batman.

Batgirl tangles with an killer-for-hire in a Dance of Death!

Somewhere in Gotham City, a young woman has an Encounter

Robin has question, but all he will find are The Deadly Answers!

There's trouble in Suicide Slum, as Black Lightning Strikes Out!


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