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“MURDER BY THUNDERBOLT.” Batman tries to stop some old cohorts of Maxie Zeus from dying when they try to take over his mobs, while Zeus himself is in Arkham Asylum.

  1. "Murder by Thunderbolt" (Batman) written by Denny O'Neil, penciled by Don Newton, inked by Dan Adkins, lettered by John Workman and colored by Adrienne Roy.
  2. "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Contract!" (Human Target) written by Len Wein, penciled and inked by Dick Giordano, lettered by Ben Oda and colored by Glynis Wein.
  3. "Crime Calls Killer Moth!" (Batgirl) written by Jack C. Harris, penciled by Don Heck, inked by Joe Giella, lettered by Ben Oda and colored by Gene D'Angelo.
  4. "The Hospitable Hostage!" (Alfred) written by Bob Rozakis, penciled by George Tuska, inked by Bob Smith, lettered by Gaspar and colored by Tatjana.
  5. "Fear Times Four" "Robin the Teen Wonder" (Robin) written by Jack C. Harris, penciled by Kurt Schaffenberger, inked by Jack Abel, lettered by Milt Snapinn and colored by Jerry Serpe.


  • Issued dated October/November 1979.
  • 64 pages with ads.
  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Wonder Woman in "Wonder Woman Saves the Astronauts".
  • Joker cameo appearance in "Murder by Thunderbolt."
  • Batmobile destroyed in "Murder by Thunderbolt."
  • Batman is in a race against time when he tries to solve a "Murder by Thunderbolt"
  • Christopher Chance is in deep trouble with two of The Sea Devils when he takes on "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Contract!"
  • Batgirl is up to her cowl in trouble when "Crime Calls Killer Moth!"
  • Alfred is on his own when he becomes "The Hospitable Hostage!"
  • Robin must deal with the Scarecrow in "Fear Times Four"

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