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“IF A MAN BE MADE OF CLAY...” Preston Payne will go to any lengths to regain his humanity. Can the Dark Knight put a stop to this monster’s reign of terror before more innocent lives are lost or will he too become a victim of the new Clayface? Plus, “TRUE HEROES NEVER SAY DIE!” Hawkman and Hawkwoman return from Thanagar only to find that in their absence, the Midway City Museum has been taken over by a mysterious man named Anton Lamont who has a plan of his own for Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

At Starhaven Labs ;The fever is upon Clayface 3 and his need turns to the Batman as his next victim. With an electric jolt and smoke- pellets Batman escapes Clayfaces deadly touch only to have him disappear when the smoke disperses. Outside the Batman finds his batmobile trashed and Clayface driving away in a stolen vehicle.

Once again the fever comes over Clayface 3 and crashes his newly stolen car. He carjacks a couple of thier car and melts the husband into protoplasm with his deadly touch. He drives to Gotham Narrows Bridge to find Gordon and the police have it barricaded. Clayface intends to climb over the police when he encounters the Batman at the top of the bridge. out of desperation Clayface dives into the Gotham River.

Clayface resurfaces at his refuge the old abandoned wax museum only to find the Batman .Thier final confrontation accidently sets fire to the museum .The Batman subdues Clayface brings him to the police waiting outside.Clayface sees the building burning out of control thinks of his love Helena inside( who is a wax figure). Clayface suddenly overpowers the Batman and runs back into the burning building .After the fire is extinguished Commisioner Gordon and the Batman are told that there is no trace of Clayface.

"True Heroes Never Die...!" - Hawkman



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Poor disallusioned Clayface 0

This issue of Detective comics is still one of my favorites that was at the end of Marshall Rogers run on the book.Part 2 of a 2 part story by Len Wein. Our hero is in jeopardy of being turned into protoplasm at the beginning of this issue and the Batman is  as always to get out of this particular jam. Marshall is one of my favorite artists and he really delivers here. Some of the panels are just amazing .  As Clayface escapes Batman ,he carjacks a couple and tries to console the screaming and h...

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