Detective Comics #476

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #476 - The Sign of the Joker! released by DC Comics on April 1978.

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    The Joker still wants the copyright to his Joker-fish and promises to kill the number 2 bureaucrat if he gets no cooperation. The Gotham Police surround the number 2 bureaucrat Thomas Jackson’s House. Inside with Commissioner Gordon, the Batman disguises himself as Thomas Jackson and Jackson as Batman intending to confuse the Jokers plan of murder. Jackson’s cat walks into the room and inside his mouth a Joker-fish. Maddened, affected by the fish it quickly jumps at the throat of its master, killing him as a hideous grin spreads over Thomas Jackson's face. The Joker announces his success on the television and vows to kill the next member of the commission in the next two hours.

    After Boss Thorne picked up a hitchhiking Silver St. Cloud ,he's gets angry with her disliking the topic of discussion and kicks her out of his vehicle. She walks to a small airport nearby thinking of chartering a flight. Later on as Boss Thorne drives through the storm he sees the ghost of Hugo Strange. It spirits through Boss Thorne’s windshield choking him. With the police surrounding the apartment of the third bureaucrat, the Batman surprises the Joker who was disguised as a policeman. Their climatic confrontation ends up outside where a storm is raging. They face off on a girder above Gotham River at a nearby construction site. The Joker squirts acid from his badge. The Batman makes a desperate leap for safety as lightning hits the girder. The Joker falls to his seeming death. Silver gets out of a taxi to see the battles end. The Batman scans the river for the Joker, as she approaches him. She explains and says” I love you—but I couldn’t live never knowing what each night would bring! Never knowing when your luck would run out!” As she leaves, Commissioner Gordon approaches the Batman telling him that Boss Thorne was picked up babbling every crime he ever committed and that he was now free of all "Cease and Desist " charges that were against him.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Aqualad and Mera in "Mera Meets the Manta Men".
    • "DC Publishorial" "A Word About the Fight of the Century" one page text piece by Jenette Kahn.
    • Letter to the editor from Peter Sanderson of Milton, Massachusetts.

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