Detective Comics #474

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #474 - The Deadshot Ricochet released by DC Comics on December 1977.

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    Deadshot escapes from prison and goes after the Dark Knight!

    After the Batman and Robin have put the Penguin behind bars, they split ways as Robin goes back to college. In prison the Penguin brags to Floyd Lawton/Deadshot how he is about to escape again. He is about to demonstrate with his laser lens monocle, when Floyd suddenly grabs it from the Penguin and cuts a hole in his prison cell wall and escapes. The Batman visits Boss Thorne to end the "cease and desist order"put on him. Then the ghost of Hugo Strange visits Boss Thorne for a second time.

    Bruce Wayne and Silver St. Cloud have a lunch date and bump into Commissioner Gordon at Gotham's Exhibition Hall (where Silver works) when they learn of Deadshot's escape and is bent on killing the Batman. That evening while the Batman is on patrol a bullet whizzes by just missing him. The Batman chases Deadshot which ends at Gotham Exhibition Hall and captures him in a giant typewriter there. Silver is still there working late and witnesses the battle. She calls out to the Batman. He turns and they have a moment of recognition. Silver then realizes that Bruce Wayne is the Batman.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Aquaman and Aqualad in "The Ice Age".
    • "Daily Planet" Volume 77 Issue 39 the week of September 26, 1977, edited by Bob Rozakis, production by Anthony Tollin and lettered by Typeset.
    • Cameo headshot appearance of Harlequin.
    • First appearance of Deadshot.
    • On page 12 panel 6 the Ellsworth Building is a homage to Whitney Ellsworth.
    • On page 15 panel 1 "Welcome Weisinger Office Suppliers" is a homage to Mort Weisinger.

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    Reintroducing Deadshot 0

    This cover really grabbed me and said "Buy me!". I wasn't disappointed . It was a great read. I really enjoyed this series by Englehart and Rogers. Deadshot is a great character and I loved this issue which reintroduced him to Batmans world.   He reminded me of  (at the time) Bullseye from Marvels Daredevil book another great villian. I love the way Deadshot is designed by Rogers .Ditkoish! Steve Englehart gives Batman a steady girlfriend  which the Batman needs and wasn't given a whole lot  bac...

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