Detective Comics #470

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #470 - The Master Plan of Doctor Phosphorus! released by DC Comics on June 1977.

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    “THE MASTER PLAN OF DR. PHOSPHORUS!” Batman confronts Dr. Phosphorus at the new Gotham City offshore nuclear power plant.

    In an issue of intrigue and sub-plot, Batman encounters Doctor Phospherus in "The Master Plan of Doctor Phospherus!" Tracking down an illegal immigrant who is also a forger, Batman is suddenly served with a subpoena to appear before the grand jury by Rupert Thorne, chairman of the Gotham Council. Concerned that the Council are out to cramp his style, Batman takes a phony telephone message from someone claiming to be chief O'Hara about the need to meet on an offshore liner. On board, Batman is threatened by hoods who claim they are working for the Council. Making a swift exit, it is Bruce Wayne who returns to the ship, where he meets Silver St Cloud - and the two are instantly attracted. Not long afterwards, the glowing Doctor Phospherous turns up, but since Batman is wearing a costume that is resistant to radioactivity, he proves no match for the Caped Crusader. Returning to the main deck, Bruce and Silver are reunited - but his wet hair arouse her suspicions.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Green Lantern in "Half the People Here...".
    • "DC Publishorial" "In Tribute to the Publication of a Rare Masterpiece..." 2/3 page text piece by Jenette Kahn.
    • "DC Profile #9" "Jack C. Harris" 1/3 page text piece by Mike Gold.
    • First appearance of Silver St. Cloud.
    • The Batcave was located below the Wayne Foundation Building.

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