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“KILL BATMAN – IN TRIPLICATE.” Robin, having received an anonymous tip about the headquarters of a Hudson University drug operation, goes through the snow to a cabin. As he approaches, an avalanche of snow lands on him. Early the next morning, Batman gets a call from Commissioner Gordon saying that a block of ice, in which Robin is embedded, is sitting on the police department’s doorstep. Batman arrives, as do three criminals who attempt to steal the block of ice.

Captain Stingaree is convinced that there is not just one Batman but three! And in "Kill Batman -- in Triplicate" it seems that he is about to rid the world of the Caped Crusader(s) for good! However, unknown to him, Stingaree has not captured the real Batman - rather he has erroneously deduced that the Batmen are the Courtney triplets. With help from Robin and surprise unannounced guest star the Flash, the real Batman manages to free the triplets and overcome Stingaree. Yet there is a twist to the end of this tale. Turns out that the Courtneys were not triplets after all - but quadruplets and Stingaree was the fourth brother, who sought revenge on the other three who had gone on to become private investigators while he had turned to a life of crime.

The back up story in this issue stars the Elongated Man in "Clue of the Talking Orchid!" As Ralph and Sue go to the movies, a little old lady pins an orchid on Sue's dress. As soon as they take their seats the Orchid starts talking - much to the annoyance of the people around them who tell Ralph and Sue to keep quiet! Ralph tracks the "little old lady" who turns out to be no such thing, but a thug instead. Overcoming his burly opponent, Ralph is shocked to discover that the whole thing has been a plot to kidnap Sue! Tricked into delivering a parcel in order to get Sue released, Ralph discovers that the parcel in question is a bomb! Diffusing the parcel first, he throws it back at the "little old lady" who confesses everything - even that Sue hadn't been kidnapped at all. With the prisoner caught, Ralph returns to the theatre to find Sue enjoying the movie - would even a kidnapper have been able to take her from that?

  1. "Kill Batman --in Triplicate" (Batman) written by Bob Rozakis and Michael Uslan, penciled by Ernie Chua and inked by Frank McLaughlin.
  2. "Justice for All Includes Children. 6" public service ad.
  3. "Clue of the Talking Orchid!" (Elongated Man) written by Bob Rozakis, penciled by Union Studio and inked by Vince Colletta.

Note: The Flash appears in the Batman story.


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