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    “THERE IS NO HOPE IN CRIME ALLEY!” Every night on this date, Batman abandons all other crimes and missions and secretly heads to visit Leslie Thompkins. En route, Batman stops a car-radio theft and two muggings. When one of the muggers pulls a gun on him in Crime Alley, Batman loses his temper and knocks the mugger silly while having a flashback to his parents’ murder and his “rescue” by a young Leslie Thompkins.

    "A haunting story! The murder that created Batman!" Batman's origin is retold, with more details filled in.

    Batman re-visits crime alley and discovers plenty of criminal activity still going on. Showing that no crime is too small for him to deal with, the Caped Crusader begins his evening by dealing with two car thieves. He then prevents an old man from being mugged, and accompanies the would be victim back home. The man can't believe that the World's greatest detective would have time for him. Next, as two gunmen prepare to attack an innocent old woman, Batman pounces. He is in crime alley, a gun is pulled on him, and just for a moment it is as if he loses it. The old woman calms him down. Turns out she witnessed the murder of Bruce's parents and that is the reason she remains in crime alley - to make it a better place.

    Last issue we saw how the forgetful Elongated Man managed to get himself captured by a gang of warehouse thieves as a result of not taking his daily Gingold. Well, now it's time to "Make Way for the Elongated Woman!" Yes, having realised what Ralph has done, and recieving a message from his captors, Sue grabs Gingold and traces her husband and his assailants. Telling the gang it is wood bark that gives Ralph his powers, the gang try it themselves, and put Sue in solitary. (Although they stupidly let her keep her bag!) Once alone, Sue begins to make a hole in the floor - Ralph is immediately below her - and drips some Gingold through to him. Escaping with ease, the Elongated Man then captures the crooks.

    1. There is No Hope in Crime Alley! (written by Denny O'Neil)
    2. The Cup-Cake Caper (a Hostess Cupcake ad starring Shazam!)
    3. Justice For All Includes Children (a public service message)
    4. Make Way for the Elongated Woman! (Elongated Man / written by Bob Rozakis)


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    No Hope in Crime Alley 0

    Batman heads back to the scene of his parents death... now known as Crime Alley.  He's quite emotional as he leaves Wayne Manor and heads out for the night.   Batman is on the lookout for Leslie Thompkins and busting some thugs along the way.   Most of this issue is Batman wandering around Crime Alley and trying to find Leslie.  He's stopping muggers and thugs along the way.  We also go back to the origin story and we learn a little more about what happened to the young Master Wayne after his pa...

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