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    “CRACKDOWN ON THE CRIME EXCHANGE.” Batman responds to a police radio transmission and accompanies two officers into the Tower Building, where guards have reported strange hammering sounds on the 25th floor. As an auction of valuable coins will soon occur on the 30th floor, Batman investigates the roof and finds a torn access door.

    Batman stars in "Crackdown on the Crime Exchange." The crime exchange is a place where organised gangs exchange their talents - safe cracker for sniper (or whatever). Breaking into their headquarters Batman finds himself trapped at gunpoint and confronted by a mysterious hooded opponent. Suddenly the Caped Crusader claims he is not Batman. The hooded character says that if he is not Batman, then he will pick up the gun on the table and fire at the men standing before him. We are left wondering whether this is the Batman or not and the story continues next issue.

    The back up story features Hawkman in "The Curse of Ancient Weapons!" Who is the mysterious sorcerer who turns up seemingly from nowhere, causing chaos at Midway City Airport? Turns out it is none other than Konrad Kaslak - who the Hawks first encountered in The Brave and Bold #36. Kaslak, a master of illusion uses his skill to steal some ancient artifacts. Using his own methods against him, Hawkman tricks Kaslak with an illusion of his own and brings the criminal to justice.

    1. "Crackdown on the Crime Exchange" (Batman) written by David V. Reed, penciled by Ernie Chua and inked by Mike Royer.
    2. "The Curse of the Ancient Weapons!" (Hawkman) written by E. Nelson Bridwell, penciled and inked by Jose L. Garcia Lopez.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Shazam in "Minerva Menace!".
    • This issue doesn't contain the Comics Code Authority seal of approval.

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