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Batman stars in "Death flies the Haunted Sky!" When the Caped Crusader rescues a damsel in distress from a building roof top, he soon finds himself embroiled in the middle of a long running feud. Seems the girl's father was a pilot in days gone by, but he had a falling out with his fellow airmen. When the girl's father was killed in an air accident, the family blamed the remaining airmen, though they could prove nothing. Intent on revenge, the girl's brother takes to the skies in his dad's old aircraft and challenges his former comrades to a firefight. Can Batman prevent even more casualties?

The reprint section in this 100 page giant begins with The Newsboy Legion, who star in "The House Where time stood still" from Star-Spangled Comics #21. Then its Hawkman in "The Magic Mirror Mystery" from issue #10 of the Winged Wonder's own magazine, while Black Canary stars in "The Huntress of the Highway" from Flash #92. The Elongated Man tries to solve "The Robbery that never happened" in a story from Detective #333 while Batman and Robin are puzzled by "The Vanishing Village" from Batman #31. The reprint section concludes with a Dr Fate story from More Fun Comics #68.

The issue is complete with the next Manhunter installment as Paul Kirk finds himself in Japan where he encounters the skilled fighter, Asano. An organisation called the Council have enlisted Asano to kill Manhunter. To her surprise, Interpol Agent Christine St. Clair discovers her own father is an employee of the "Council" and that he has swiftly moved up their ranks. Overcoming that, St Clair arrives just in time to prevent Asano delivering a death blow to Manhunter. Upon learning that he has been tricked by the Council, Asano swears to fight with Manhunter and St Clair.

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