Detective Comics #424

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #424 - Double-Cross--Fire!; Batgirl's Last Case released by DC Comics on June 1972.

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    “DOUBLE-CROSS-FIRE!” An innocent bystander at a bank robbery appears to be killed by “accident” from a guard’s gunshot, but Batman learns that the killing was no accident.

    Batman stars in "Double Cross-Fire!" When a bank robbery goes wrong, a security man shoots an innocent customer by mistake and the crooks flee in panic. A case of accidental death? Commissioner Gordon thinks so, but Batman isn't convinced. Watching the video playback of the events, Batman tracks the grief stricken security guard and finds him not so grief stricken after all. The whole thing had been a set up: the security man was a hitman, and he got his target. The bank robbery was just a cover. What clued Batman in that there was something wrong was a stopped clock on the wall. The clock had been stopped by a bullet from the gun of one of the bandits. Batman deduced that there was no way the robbers could miss the guard so badly if they intended to hit him. With that in mind, he tracks the "robbers" and the murderer.

    In "Batgirl's Last Case," its the eve of the election and a pensive Barbara wonders if the electorate will turn out for her. While her campaign team are doing their best, ringing round everyone they can think of, an underworld cartel are warning people off voting for Babs. The same gang suffered at the hands of Batgirl and Jason Bard recently and knowing that Bard and Babs are linked, they want revenge. That revenge doesn't stop there - the gang arranges for "Barbara" to meet Bard, but when he reaches the agreed location, he is set upon by two hoods. Just in time Batgirl arrives to save the day. The underworld gang are imprisoned, Babs is elected and she jets off to Washington D.C.

    1. "Double-Cross--Fire!" written Frank Robbins, penciled by Bob Brown and inked by Dick Giordano.
    2. "Batgirl's Last Case" written by Frank Robbins, penciled and inked by Don Heck.
    3. "Case of the Teetering Towers!" "A Detective Classic" reprinted from Dale Evans Comics #7.
    4. "The Cop Who "Shot" 1,000 Crooks" "A Detective Extra" reprinted from Gang Busters #47.


    • Last 48 page issue.
    • Letter to the editor from Bob Rozakis of Elmont, New York.


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