Detective Comics #38

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #38 - Introducing Robin, The Boy Wonder released by DC Comics on April 1940.

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    1. Robin the Boy Wonder - When Boss Zucco's protection racket leads to the death of circus performers John and Mary Grayson, Batman helps their son, Dick, avenge the murders. (Batman)
    2. The Electrical Assassin (Bart Regan, Spy)
    3. Dr. Hydkil (Red Logan)
    4. Phoney Jewel Robbery (Crimson Avenger)
    5. Kidnapped [Monthly Book Review]
    6. The Kidnapped Singer (Speed Saunders, Ace Investigator)
    7. The Gambler's Protector (Steve Malone, District Attorney)
    8. At The Artic Circle (Cliff Crosby)
    9. The Case of the Vanishing Train by Richard Martin (text)
    10. The Big Fire (Slam Bradley)

    This is the first appearance of Robin and gives his (Dick Grayson's) origin story.


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    Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN 0

    By The Angry Comic Book Critic                               Okay I think its about time I got back to reviewing some golden age material after dealing with the bullshit of All Star Batman and Robin as well as the garbage that was Sidekick I need to clear my head and what better way to do it than with the pivotal moment that changed the Batman from ruthless killer to the man we know today with the 1st appearance of the boy wonder himself Robin. So lets dive into this golden age treasure shall we...

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    The Tone of Batman Comics Begins to Shift 0

    I've never been overly fond of the Robin character - any of them. The Batman character conception, by it's very nature works best as a loner. Allies are fine, but as soon as you introduce a sidekick, the grim, solitary war on crime scenario changes dramatically. But this issue of Detective Comics, goes even further than that - introducing not just a sidekick, but a perpetually smiling youth in a bright red and yellow costume. Great... so much for lurking in the shadows.Now, we can't blame the Co...

    5 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Introducing Robin, The Boy Wonder Review! 0

    It's hard to review this because of how nostalgic it is and how that can let you call this issue perfection along with the trouble of believing things here that nobody would care about in the 40s. Introducing Robin, The Boy Wonder is by Bill Finger (writer) and artists Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.It tells how Tony Zucco, a fat mobster based off Edward G. Robinson's Rico Bandello (well mainly the "see" part) kills off Dick Grayson's parents for not paying protection money. Bruce Wayne and Dick b...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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