Detective Comics #33

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #33 - The Batman Wars Against The Dirigible Of Doom released by DC Comics on November 1939.

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    1. Batman - The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom - Batman fights Carl Kruger, a would-be world conqueror with top scientists, high technology, and an army of followers.

    The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom

    The story begins with The Batman and How He Came to Be. Fifteen years before the current story, Thomas Wayne, his wife and their son Bruce were walking home from a movie. They were stuck up by a mugger, Thomas tries to stop him, and he his shot. His wife screams at the mugger then she is shot by him. Bruce witnesses this before his eyes, then days later Bruce swears on the spirits of his parents to avenge their deaths by spending the rest of his life warring on all criminals. Years later Bruce becomes a master scientist, and he trains his body to physical perfection until he can perform amazing athletic feats. Bruce is thinking about what to pick as a disguise. Bruce then quotes:

    Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot. So my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts. I must be a creature of the night, black terrible...a...a..

    Then a bat flies in the open window. Then Bruce exclaims:

    A Bat! That's it! It's an Omen. I shall become a BAT!

    In the present, Bruce Wayne is walking down the crowded streets of Manhattan.* A Dirigible pops up shooting red rays knocking down buildings. Bruce then helps people in the wreckage. Bruce goes home reads the newspaper sees that Professor Carl Kruger and he is now working on a new death ray. Batman goes to the home of Carl Kruger. Batman throws a batarang at Kruger but it was stopped by a sheet of thick glass. Then a henchman knocks out Batman. Kruger leaves Batman in his home with a bomb, but Batman escapes. Then Batman goes to interrogate a lieutenant of Kruger. Then Batman follows him in his Batplane. Batman then sees everyone in the hangar so he throws a gas vial, then he enters the hangar. Batman uses his gun to enter the hangar.** Batman blows up the ray machines then he goes for the Dirigible. Kruger then shoots Batman. Then he destroys the body with a death ray machine in front of a guard. Then later the guard turned out to be Bruce Wayne. Then the next day Kruger attacks the city once again. Batman then follows him with the Batplane and flies the Batplane into the dirigible. Batman then throws a gas pellet at Kruger who crashes his plane into the bay.

    *Gotham wasn't created yet so the streets Batman patrolled was New York City.

    **Batman use to use a gun

    1. Batman
    2. Big Charlie Ruffing / Pop Warner
    3. Spy
    4. Buck Marshall Range Detective - Mine Of Mystery
    5. Larry Steele
    6. Coffee-Colored Diamonds by Frank Thomas (text)
    7. Speed Saunders - The Northwoods Mystery
    8. Cosmo, The Phantom of Disguise
    9. Bruce Nelson
    10. Crime Never Pays
    11. Slam Bradley

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    When it comes to the stories Gardner Fox wrote of Batman, I'm a little conflicted - on the one hand I like the creative elements he brought to the character, creating such iconic things as the batarang and the batplane. On the other, I tend to dislike the way he makes Batman and his villains almost superhuman through their actions.  This issue is a perfect example. On the plus side, we get the the first adventure where Batman fights a villain of truly epic proportions. Dr. Kruger is a scientist ...

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