Detective Comics #32

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #32 - Batman Versus The Vampire: Part Two released by DC Comics on October 1939.

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    1. Batman - Batman vs. The Vampire: part 2 (originally untitled) - Traveling to Hungary to save his fiance, Batman intercepts a horse-drawn carriage driven by one of the villainous Monk's henchmen, only to find Julie and another woman named Dala unconscious inside. Batman has them stay in a hotel room while he stands guard - but strange things occur during the night!
    2. Odds 'n Ends

    3. Spy

    4. Buck Marshall Range Detective - The Last Act

    5. Crime Never Pays

    6. Larry Steele

    7. Vanishing Gems by Paul Dean (text)

    8. Speed Saunders - The Skull-Face Cult

    9. Cosmo, The Phantom of Disguise

    10. Bruce Nelson

    11. Slam Bradley - Undercover as Bellhops

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    Rushed, jumbled, and ultimately unsatisfying 0

    Given his character conception, it's probably no surprise to anyone that Batman has fought his share vampires over the years, perhaps most notably Dracula in Batman & Dracula: Red Rain. In fact, the 4th villain Batman ever encountered, The Monk, was a vampire. Or was he? The problem is, these original Batman stories from Detective Comics were untitled. The title of this story, "Batman vs. The Vampire", wasn't assigned to it until much later. In the actual story, the writing is often confus...

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    Detective Review #32 0

    The second part of the story of Batman against the Monk is a little bit confusing and though to follow. But, you need to put yourself in the context, 1939, wich means no joker yet.... so the kind of vilain he'll face, and the plot in general as nothing to do with what we been used the last 40 years. To prove my saying, he used a gun in that issue. For the other stories, Bruce Nelson chapter is almost unreadable due to the poor quality of the writtings. The Slam Bradley chapter is entertaining o...

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